Technical contents in brief

Basic Aiki Ken
7 ken suburi
Zengo giri; shiho giri; happo giri – old and new versions
Migi awase
Hidari awase
Go no awase (5th suburi awase)
Shichi no awase (7th suburi awase)

Advanced Aiki Ken
5 kumi tachi + kimusubi no tachi

Basic Aiki Jo
20 jo suburi
Zengo tsuki; shiho tsuki; happo tsuki – old and new versions
31 jo kata
6 jo kata
13 jo kata

Advanced Aiki Jo
31 kata kumi jo
10 kumi jo
7 ken tai jo
13 kata awase

What is new?

One comprehensive volume
The original two-book set is now combined into one complete edition. This new edition contains everything found in the original two-book set plus more.

13 kata awase
There is an entirely new section presenting the 13 Kata Awase in photo form as well as with clear and easy to follow text explanations.

Detailed diagrams
Diagrams showing the specific foot movements, sequences and turns in clearly numbered forms have been made especially for this new edition for Zengo Giri / Tsuki, Shiho Giri / Tsuki and Happo Giri / Tsuki.

Additional details in Technical Terminology and Important Points
The sections “Technical Terminology” and “Important Points” for both Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo now contain new additional and in-depth explanations of important concepts such as Koshi, Hara, Seika Tanden, Waki wo Shimeru, Zanshin, Kikubari and more.

Fully reedited technical explanations
The detailed technical explanations of the entire book have been fully reedited and further enhanced to give a deeper understanding of the movements and sequences of each technique.

Kumi Tachi Advanced Aiki Ken